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Meet our Interim Dean - Dr. Thomas George

Interim Dean - Dr. Thomas George

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Welcome to the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. Here, our students are fond of saying that this is a place “Where Awesome Happens.”  If you spend time with us, either on our website or in person, I believe you will agree.

So, what defines “Awesome” at Bauer College?

Our Students

As faculty and staff members, we interact with our students daily — in the classrooms where we teach, in the hallways and gathering spaces between classes, at celebrations that recognize their achievements and awards, and at commencement, where I have the unique privilege of shaking hands with every one of our new graduates. While it is true that Bauer College transforms our students, it is perhaps even more true that our students transform the college with their energy, their intelligence, and their commitment to hard work. They make awesome happen.

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