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Shena Cherian (BBA '00), Owner


Phone Number: 832-493-1129

DesiWeds is an online platform for couples and their families to find every resource and vendor they need to plan their Indian wedding in the U.S. DesiWeds exists because after being a wedding consultant for 15 years exclusively for South Asian weddings, we've seen that the wedding industry has not really changed much for the couple. They are still getting lost while navigating through a myriad of resources, articles and options. Couples are still overwhelmed and not sure what is appropriate, required or allowed. They have become apprehensive, uncertain and skeptical of who to trust. Because of that, DesiWeds has set out to create an easier way for couples planning an Indian wedding to get the information they need as well as connect with vendors that understand their perspective and can collaboratively execute on their wedding vision. DesiWeds is about coupling technology and personalized attention to elevate and work together within the industry to provide what these couples are frantically seeking, while understanding their cultural needs and educating them along the way.