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A Letter from the BCAA President

Jeremy Sturgill

Jeremy Sturgill
BBA ’06
President, BCAA

Hello Fellow Alums and Current Students of Bauer College,

Our university and college have come a long way in a short time to become one of the top institutes of learning in the US, and may I dare say in the world. The leadership across the UH System is spectacular, but I might be a little biased by saying that the leadership at Bauer College is the best. We have some of the best professors and staff workers in the world. They are dedicated to support our students through any endeavor that they might be going through and are always open to spending time with an alum who has questions or wants to become more involved. Another outlet for both students and alumni is the Bauer College Alumni Association (BCAA).

You may have heard of BCAA or you may not have heard of our group. If the latter is the answer, then I hope that we can change that and help you understand how great of an experience it could be for you to become connected with and part of BCAA. That involvement might just be an event or two a year, it might be volunteering to help on an event just to sign people in as they arrive; or it could be to help connect BCAA with possible donors that can offer an item, a venue, or financial donation. The ways you can be part of or support BCAA are endless. If you have an inclination that there is some way that you can help BCAA or Bauer College in some way, then we want to hear from you.

There are thousands of alumni that live here in our great city of Houston and others have taken their talents to other cities or countries around the world as well. I want to use this time to ask for your support in whatever way you can assist BCAA or even current students at Bauer College. Trying to support such a large alumni base is very challenging and takes a large number of volunteers. BCAA has conducted a number of events over the years from helping students get ready for their career, helping alums get connect with other alums for possible job opportunities, connecting businesses so one alum’s company can help another alum’s company, and hosting family friendly events for even those alums that have a hard time getting out to certain events can make it to an event with their family and make some more fun family memories.

To help anyone understand what being part of BCAA means I would like to share with you my personal story. I did not know who or what BCAA was while I was going to Bauer College. There were no signs I remember seeing around Melcher Hall and there were no events I remember being invited to attend that could help me professionally. It was not until I came across a gentleman named Jay Drayer on Facebook because of mutual connections and I became interested in his company once I read about it. My individual drive to want to learn more about his company led to conversations between Jay and I, which eventually caused him to ask if I had heard of BCAA. I told him, “No”, and he proceeded to tell me that he served on the Board of Directors for BCAA and that I should come to a board meeting to learn more. I attended my first BCAA Board meeting back in 2007 and I have not looked back since. That evening I met a number of other members from the board I am happy to say are still my friends today.

After that board meeting, Craig Rickard, a past president of BCAA, called me and asked me to meet him and another alum for a beer in the Galleria area one night after work. While hanging out Craig asked myself and Jerry Portele, another BCAA past president, what we would like to see from BCAA. Jerry and I both have kids so we talked about the difficulties of getting out during the week and that weekends really worked best for us to do something with BCAA or be able to attend events. This conversation of how best to reach alums is still a question that I have been asking myself and other alumni since that evening. I started my involvement by volunteering to help with the football tailgates and helping write press releases for events that BCAA was hosting or for events other affinity alumni groups were hosting that are also Bauer College alums. A great friend of mine still today and another past president of BCAA, James Hong, nominated me in June 2009 to become a member of the Board of Directors because of the support I had shown BCAA over a year and a half. Once nominated I interviewed with the BCAA Executive Committee and they felt I would be a great fit as well to join their team. I started my time on the BCAA Board as part of the Membership Committee because years ago you had to pay a membership fee to be part of BCAA, but that is no longer the case. Since being on the BCAA Board I have been a Chair for each of the following committees; Membership, Marketing, Tailgate, Engagement, and Sponsorship. For almost the past three years I have been a member of the Executive Committee while also chairing the Tailgate and Sponsorship Committees. On the EC, I have served as the Secretary, Vice President, and now President.

As you can see from my experience with BCAA I have been part of almost every committee and that there is something I love about BCAA. No matter what your interest or strengths are there is a place for everyone to get involved if they want to. We would love for you to come be part of BCAA and become part of our team. The friendships I have made while being part of BCAA will be ones that are always part of my life. As some people have heard me describe BCAA, “It is like a family”, and we would like you to become part of that family as well. I use the family reference because we depend on each other’s support, time, and talents to make every event BCAA hosts or is part of happen. So if any of this letter has spoken to you personally, then let me know or let anyone of the other BCAA Board members know.

On this website, you can find the email address for every committee and all you need to do is just reach out to the one that you feel speaks to you to get involved or email which is for our Engagement Committee. Then maybe one day after you have shown your support for BCAA and helped us reach more alumni and students you also can become a member of the BCAA Board. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope by sharing my story with you that you will be intrigued as I was to get involved with BCAA.


Jeremy Sturgill ‘06
Bauer College Alumni Association (BCAA)

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About the BCAA

The Bauer College Alumni Association (BCAA) is a constituency group of the University of Houston Alumni Association (UHAA). BCAA was established in support of the C. T. Bauer College of Business and the University of Houston. Together, we work to engage alumni, provide quality events and programs, and to support the initiatives set forth by UH President & Chancellor, Dr. Renu Khator.

Our goal is to engage past, present, and future alumni by hosting a variety of events, such as the 9/11 Day of Service at the Houston Food Bank. We host multiple networking breakfasts, happy hours, tailgates and volunteer events. BCAA members also participate in activities like student recruiting, mentoring, and career services events.

BCAA works to build Cougar pride. We believe that the “Bauer Experience” should last a lifetime. This is why we work to engage the Bauer alumni with Houston’s business community, current students, our college, and the University. By making these Cougar connections, we build a community that will work together to help Bauer reach Tier One status.