Bauer College Office of Alumni Relations

Recent Career Changes for Bauer Alumni

We often hear that Bauer alumni have been promoted and have moved to roles of increasing responsibility. Congratulations to the following alumni; Bauer College is very proud of you!

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Congratulations, Bauer Alumni

Congratulations to:

July 2016
  • Avery Alcorn
    Avery Alcorn

    MBA '12, now Senior Vice President – Finance at Northstar Offshore Group.

  • Pablo Avila
    Pablo Avila

    MBA '16, now Director of Operations at BDP International.

  • Marli Bober
    Marli Bober

    MBA '08, now Senior Director, HRMS at TEAM Industrial Services.

  • Matthew Boutte
    Matthew Boutte

    BBA '99, MBA '09, now Assistant Vice President, Asset/Liability Management at USAA in San Antonio.

  • Brian Ferguson
    Brian Ferguson

    MBA '12, now Sr. Real Estate Manager at Academy Sports & Outdoors.

  • Jeff Garrison
    Jeff Garrison

    MBA '10, now ITT Cutover Manager at Schlumberger.

  • Chris Huerta
    Chris Huerta

    BBA '15, MS Accy '16, now Indirect Tax Associate at PwC.

  • Ahmed Kamal
    Ahmed Kamal

    BBA '13, now Aviation Analyst at Chevron.

  • Paul Madero
    Paul Madero

    MBA '11, now Director of Operations at Baker Hughes.

  • Brian Mehring
    Brian Mehring

    MBA '10, now Program Coordinator, Organizational Leadership and Supervision Program at UH College of Technology.

  • Anthony Menendez
    Anthony Menendez

    BBA '95, now Litigation Consultant/Speaker/Writer at Financial Fraud Examiner in Detroit.

  • Evelyn Henry Miller
    Evelyn Henry Miller

    BBA '79, CFO at TDIndustries, has been appointed Board Chairwoman at Young Women’s Preparatory Network in Dallas and to the Board of Directors of DentaQuest.

  • Alexandria Nguyen
    Alexandria Nguyen

    BBA '11, MS '16 UT Austin, now Senior Financial Analyst at Parallon in Irving.

  • Stacy Levicky Richards
    Stacy Levicky Richards

    MBA '06, now Product Champion at FMC Technologies.

  • Namrata Sirur
    Namrata Sirur

    MBA '12, now Co-Founder of The 9to5 MisFits and Co-Owner of First Light District.

  • Charlyn Techur
    Charlyn Techur

    BBA '13, now Product Manager: Contingent Labor Solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Dallas.

  • Stacie Vickery-Garcia
    Stacie Vickery-Garcia

    MBA '09, now Equipment Leasing Manager at Dunavant Logistics Group.