Gutierrez Energy Management Institute

Graduate Students

Our graduate course offerings in energy are a direct response to industry need. We prepare graduates to advance their careers as managers in the energy industry and help to lead this dynamic sector.

Our Value Proposition
  • Broad and deep energy course and degree offerings
  • Flexible programs with many energy electives
  • Strong faculty expertise (full-time and large adjunct faculty)
  • Easy out-of-class access to faculty (all are Houston-based)
  • Easy access to local industry executives and alumni in the industry for internships and employment opportunities
  • Ability to participate in leading edge industry research and events
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  • Case Competitions
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Campus Energy Organizations
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Gutierrez Energy Management Institute
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The University of Houston
4250 Martin Luther King Boulevard
Houston, TX 77204

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Program Inquiries:
Greg Bean
Phone: 832-256-2229
Room: CBB 302K

Connor Davies
Phone: 415-686-9613
Room: CBB 302K