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Driving the Future: A Scenario For the Rapid Growth of Electric Vehicles

UH Energy White Paper Series:
Authored by the Gutierrez Energy Management Institute in collaboration with UH Energy Read the full article.

LNG Projects Have Stalled. A New Business Model Could Help

By Chris Ross, Executive Professor, Finance, University of Houston and Justin Varghese, MBA Candidate, C. T. Bauer College of Business

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) developers and natural gas producers have depended on third parties to create demand for their product. In recent years, LNG market prices have dropped in response to a surge in supplies and roughly two million tons of LNG contracts are set to expire in the next 10 years. Promising new LNG projects cannot be financed and have stalled. Read the full article.

Student Research

Over the past few years, students of the C. T. Bauer College of Business have undertaken a series of research projects to understand how companies in different energy industry sectors have created shareholder value in the past and the strategic lessons that can be learned from their successes and failures. Reports can be accessed for the following sectors:

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