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Certificates Available to CAP Students

Certificate in Accountancy (CAP)

For a list of approved courses for the Certificate in Accountancy, please view the course offerings.

To earn the CAP Certificate, a student must:
  • completed 10 CAP 5000-level courses
  • earn a minimum letter grade of "C" in each of the 10 CAP courses
  • have a minimum accounting and cumulative GPA of 2.0.


Certificates in Internal Audit (IA) and Oil & Gas (O&G)
To earn the IA or O&G certificate, a student must:
  • complete three (3) required courses and one (1) colloquium listed specifically for the certificate. Courses cannot be substituted for the required list.
  • earn a passing letter grade for each certificate course.
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for the 3 certificate courses.
  • have a minimum cumulative and accounting GPA of 2.5.
  • earn a letter grade of "S" (satisfactory) for the required colloquium.


IA Certificate Courses
Course Course Title Semester Availability
ACCT 5375 Internal Audit and Entity Control Environment Fall and Spring
ACCT 5378 Control and Security of Financial Information Spring only
ACCT 5379 Enterprise Risk Management Spring only
IA Colloquium Spring only


O&G Certificate Courses
Course Course Title Semester Availability
ACCT 5380 Oil and Gas Accounting 1 Fall and Spring
ACCT 5381 Oil and Gas Accounting 2 Spring only
ACCT 5382 Oil and Gas Accounting 3 Spring only
O&G Colloquium Fall only

Note: Students may only count one of the O&G classes to fulfill the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy's (TSBPA) educational requirement of 30 hours of advanced accounting. However, these courses may count toward the 150 hours of college credit.


  • Prospective Students

    Interested in learning more about the CAP certificates or course offerings? Please attend one of our recruiting events or contact the CAP Admissions Coordinator at

  • Current Students

    Request Enrollment in the O&G or IA Colloquium

    Current CAP students should contact the CAP Advisor at to request enrollment in one of the colloquiums or to learn more about the colloquium requirements.


    Request a Certificate

    Current CAP students should contact the CAP Advisor at to request a certificate.

    Certificates are usually mailed 4-6 weeks after final grades are posted to the student's record.