Department of Accountancy & Taxation

The Bauer Professional Program in Accountancy (PPA)

Degree Plan

Student Checklist

The following is a recommended checklist for Bauer PPA students during their tenure in the PPA program.

75 to 61 Hours Remaining
60 to 46 Hours Remaining
Prepare for PPA Recruiting
  • Request enrollment for and attend your first Bauer PPA Colloquium (section number list in admission letter).
  • Continue or obtain membership in a Bauer Accounting Student Organization.
  • Attend Career Services Workshops, ER Career Services Center.
  • Utilize all available Career Resources.
Apply for Internships
  • Submit your resume for Internships online at Job Search Resources.
  • Attend all Bauer Career Fairs to meet industry and firm employers.
  • Attend the spring PPA Career Mixer.
  • Follow through with employers by attending interviews, office visits and writing “thank you” emails or letters.
  • Register for the GMAT,
45 to 16 Hours Remaining
Final 15 Hours
  • File graduation paperwork for BBA in Accounting
  • Choose Academic Track
  • Complete up to two double count graduate course(s)
  • During last undergraduate semester, apply for and be accepted to MSACCY and enter graduate year of PPA