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Global Energy Management Program

GEM for Undergraduate Students

What is GEM?

Our faculty surveyed the energy sector and took a novel approach when doing so by asking the industry what skill sets would you like to see in a business graduate. The responses all centered on a theme; “we would like your business graduates to have grounding in technical disciplines. The energy industry is a very technical industry mostly comprised of engineers. Our business leaders need to be able to communicate and work in a technical environment.” The GEM Professional Program provides the basis for these fundamentals. This edge will allow you the potential to explore positions within the energy industry which might otherwise be unavailable to you.

GEM Degree Plan Options

The Global Energy Management program provides the foundation and preparation for entering into the dynamic, high paying energy industry. The program has two options:

  1. GEM Professional Program
  2. GEM Professional Program

    The GEM Professional Program is the most powerful and comprehensive blend of technical and business skills available at the undergraduate and graduate level. Students in this program obtain a BBA in Finance with a GEM specialization.

    Meant to begin at the freshman year and carry through graduation, the GEM Professional Program requires a higher level math and science core than the traditional BBA in Finance. In addition to the required business core course work, GEM-PP students take all their advanced-elective courses in energy business.

    Download the GEM-Professional Program Degree Plan: 2019

  3. GEM Track in Finance
  4. The GEM Track in Finance

    The GEM Track in Finance program is a complete undergraduate education in energy business culminating in a BBA in Finance. GEM Track in Finance is a specialization of the traditional BBA in Finance which gives graduates the leading edge when entering the energy job market. Students of the GEM Track in Finance program are finance majors who take a series of pre-selected energy business electives in their junior and senior years. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a BBA in Finance with a GEM certificate.

    Curriculum Advising Chart

    Students enrolled in the GEM Track in Finance must meet the regular BBA requirements for finance majors. The GEM Track does not require any more classes than the standard track in finance, but requires that students choose their major classes from the following list:

    • Completion of:
      • FINA 4320 Investment Management
      • FINA 4330 Corporate Finance
    • Select twelve semester hours (4 classes) from the following options:
      • FINA 4350 Options and Futures
      • FINA 4351 Futures and Swaps
      • FINA 4359 Energy Insurance and Risk Management
      • FINA 4360 International Financial Management
      • FINA 4370 Energy Trading
      • FINA 4371 Energy Value Chain
      • FINA 4372 Upstream Economics
      • FINA 4373 Petrochemical and Refining Economics
      • FINA 4375 Economics of Energy
      • FINA 4397 Selected Topics in Finance
        • must have energy or oil in the title or description
      • or other approved energy-related finance courses (see advisor)
    • Select six hours of approved advanced electives:
      • ENRG 3310: Introduction to Energy and Sustainability
      • ENRG 4320: Case Studies in Energy and Sustainability
      • ENRG 4397: Special Topics on Energy and Sustainability (May be repeated if topic varies)
      • ENRG 4398: Special Problems (Independent Study) on topics related to Energy and Sustainability.
      • Sequence of
        • ACCT 3366 Financial Reporting Frameworks &
        • ACCT 3367 Intermediate Accounting I
      • SCM 4390 Energy Supply Chain
      • TECH 4310Future of Energy and the Environment
      • ECON 3385 Economics of Energy
      • HIST 3394 War, Globalization and Terror
      • or other approved advanced business courses (see advisor)

    See the University of Houston course catalog for all relevant polices pertaining to the degree plans and minors.


The curriculum for each option has been designed to blend a technical background, not unlike the basis for an engineering degree, with the management skills missing in most energy workers today. This blended approach results in a much more appealing candidate for the energy industry.

Each option offers a special focus on energy related courses at the advanced level. The GEM program has been designed and taught by industry professionals; academicians and practittioners who bring the real world of energy business to the classroom. No matter what option you choose, GEM students have an unparalleled opportunity to network with industry professionals, are eligible to apply for exclusive internships and scholarships, and develop a first-hand knowledge of the largest industry in the world.

Additional Information

Academic Advising

UH students interested in an energy focus within the Finance Major (either the GEM-Professional Program or the GEM track in Finance) may contact the Finance Academic Advisor for specialty tracks, Bethany Tolar, at Appointments can be made through the Navigate appointment system.


Filing a GEM Degree Plan

To officially declare these programs, students must meet degree plan filing requirements and apply online.


Career Services for GEM Students

For GEM-related internships and career positions, visit the UH Bauer College Rockwell Career Center website.