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MBA Leadership Development Certificate

In today’s complex and changing environment, organizations are seeking to hire and promote individuals who understand and can display effective leadership behaviors. It is important for managers and aspiring managers to learn about the nature of effective leadership and how they can develop their own competencies in this area. Accordingly, the primary purpose of this certificate is to examine leadership effectiveness at three levels: leadership skill-sets for the individual, including leadership development and leading change; strategic governance issues for organizations, as well as ethics and social responsibility; and leadership in a global context, including effective leadership practices across cultures. Students who select this Leadership Certificate will have an edge on their competition in the job market and will be able to demonstrate their leadership savvy and understanding of the critical importance of leadership to the bottom line.


(need 9 credit hours)
  • MANA 7339 Leadership Development (REQUIRED)
  • MANA 7332 Effective Negotiating
  • MANA 7338 Org Power, Politics & Culture
  • MANA 7340 Management of High Technology Organizations
  • MANA 7362 Leading Change
  • MANA 7363 Managing Innovation and Creativity
  • MANA 7375/ 7A97 Global Leadership
  • MANA 7397 Strategic Leadership in Emerging Markets
  • MANA 7397 Positive Leadership in a Global Context - (Berlin)
  • MANA 7397 Global Strategy



The courses that constitute the MBA Leadership Deveolpment Certificate will be taught by Bauer faculty. These may include:

  • Leanne Atwater, Ph.D.
    Social/Organizational Psychology, Claremont Graduate School (1985)

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    Dr. Atwater currently serves as the chair for the Department of Management in Bauer College. She has published over 50 refereed publications in journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, The Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Management, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Organizational and Occupational Psychology, Human Resource Management, and the Journal of Organizational Behavior. She is the co-author of two scholarly books—“The Power of 360 Degree Feedback” and “Leadership, Feedback and the Open Communication Gap.” She has published nine book chapters. She also has been a principal investigator on external grants to study leadership (totaling nearly $900,000) from agencies such as the Army Research Institute (ARI) and The Society for Human Resource Management Foundation. She serves on the editorial board of Leadership Quarterly and has been associate editor for Group and Organization Management.

  • Barbara A. Carlin, Ph.D.
    Strategic Management, University of Texas at Austin (1991)

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    Prior to joining the faculty at Bauer College in 2002, Dr. Carlin taught at the University of Georgia and then spent several years as a consultant in the consulting firm Baker & Company. Baker & Company specialized in strategic management, customer satisfaction, and business process reengineering consulting for the automotive and telecommunications industries. Dr. Carlin’s teaching areas include strategic management, international strategy, organizational theory, and ethics and social responsibility. Research interests include organizational decision making, cooperative strategies, and corporate social responsibility. Her research has been published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes and Business Horizons.

  • Seemantini Pathak, Ph.D.
    Business Administration/Strategic Management, Arizona State University (2007)

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    Dr. Pathak’s teaching interests include corporate strategy and governance, and international management. Her research has been published in the Academy of Management Review and the Journal of Education for Business and presented at conferences of the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society. Dr. Pathak’s current research examines the impact of a firm’s refocusing strategy on its subsequent corporate governance. Before joining Bauer College in 2007, she spent a number of years working for A.F. Ferguson & Co., a management consulting firm in India.

  • Dusya Vera, Ph.D.
    Business Administration/Strategic Management, University of Western Ontario (2002)

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    Dr. Vera has teaching experience in strategic management at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels in the U.S. and numerous international locations. She has been the recipient of multiple research and teaching awards. Her research interests and expertise are in the areas of strategic leadership, improvisation, and organizational learning. Her research has been published in leading management journals such as The Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, The Leadership Quarterly, Organization Studies, Organizational Dynamics, and Management Learning, among others. She serves on the editorial board of The Academy of Management Review and the Academy of Management Journal. Prior to her doctoral studies, Dr. Vera worked in Ecuador for such organizations as the Guayaquil Stock Exchange, the Pacific Bank and Consulconti Consulting.

  • C. Chet Miller

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    C. Chet Miller is the Bauer Professor of Organizational Studies in the Bauer College of Business. He is an award winning teacher and researcher, with research focused on upper-echelon leaders, strategic decision processes, and management structures and systems. His work has appeared in several outlets, including Organization Science, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. Professor Miller has worked with a number of managers and executives. Through management development programs, he has contributed to the development of individuals from such organizations as ABB, Bank of America, Krispy Kreme, La Farge, Red Hat, State Farm Insurance, Texas Special Olympics, and the United States Postal Service. His focus has been strategic visioning, organizational change, and high-commitment/high-involvement approaches to managing people.

Certificates: You must be a current Bauer graduate (MBA or MS Finance) student to enroll in any of our certificate programs.

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