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Bauer Undergraduate Advising

Welcome to the C.T. Bauer College of Business! We have many opportunities such as learning from first-rate faculty, quality academic advising, career development, involvement in student organizations, and student leadership. The Bauer College of Business is committed to ensuring the support you need to be successful in your academic career and beyond.

Prospective Students

High school or transfer students who have yet to attend UH.  Visit the UH Bauer College prospective website for contact information of staff who work with various prospective student populations.


Non-business students include non UH students and UH students that haven't yet declared a major in business. Students interested in a business minor, please see an advisor. Learn how to become a business major.


Pre-business are students who are admitted in the Bauer College of Business, but have not filed a degree plan in a specific area of concentration, such as Finance, Accounting, etc.

Declared majors

Declared students are students who have filed a degree plan in a specific area of concentration.

Bauer Honors

Students who are in the University of Houston's Honor's college at the Bauer College of Business.


Students who have international credits or are interested in study abroad.