Distance Learning

Best Practices and Resources for Bauer Students and Faculty

Attending Classes

Your professors may want to talk to your class, your group, or you via web conferencing tools. There are a variety of web conferencing tools Bauer College faculty can use. To join a web conferencing session you will have to click the meeting link you receive from your professors. This is the same process for any of the most common web conferencing applications (Zoom, Skype for business, or Blackboard Collaborate).

Blackboard Collaborate is an application that helps instructors create virtual classrooms and meeting spaces that reach more students. To access Collaborate, go to Blackboard using Firefox or Chrome Internet Browser, (do not use Apple-Safari or MS-Edge or MS-Explorer). While on Blackboard click on the collaborate link.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that helps you connect with individuals and groups. Download the Student Guide and FAQ to use this app for class.

Skype for Business is a professional business communications tool that offers chat, voice, and video conferencing. Prepare your computer to attend class or a meeting online by downloading Skype for business, and then log on to the app using your CougarNet account.

Tips for a good web conferencing experience (Zoom, Skype for Business or Collaborate) Follow the tips below to make sure that you can listen and speak clearly once connected to your web conferencing virtual meeting room.

  1. Install any apps, login, and set up your equipment before the scheduled meeting time so that you have time to test the system and resolve any issues.
  2. Use earphones or earbuds.
  3. Mute your microphone when not speaking.
  4. If needed, make sure that your camera is angled and focused appropriately. Avoid clothing with thin vertical lines, avoid strong lights sources behind you.