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Mini Masters of Science in Finance

Dates: Sept. 16 - Oct. 8, 2022, (2 sessions per week) | Location: UH Campus | Cost: $3,500


About the Program

An understanding of finance concepts and terminology is essential for all aspects of business and management. The mini-MSF is designed for professionals with a finance background who want a refresher course, but also for managers with other backgrounds who are exposed to finance terminology in their workplace and want to explore these topics in more depth.

The program includes as much practical knowledge as possible to maximize the use of your precious time. It consists of eight modules. Each module starts out with a brief review of the basics, before moving on to more advanced topics and models. You will learn how to implement the most important techniques and tools covered in the modules using spreadsheets. Instruction is provided by the Bauer College of Business’ world-class Faculty.

The eight modules include:

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