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Strategic Management: Formulate Your Company’s Strategy

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Guide your organization by learning to think strategically

Sharpen your ability to think tactically and strategically in our Strategic Management Class. Diagnose situations from a strategic perspective and make decisions in a dynamic, uncertain environment. Decision making and judgment are the cornerstones of effective management; this course will help you hone your skills.

The purpose of this workshop is to enhance your capacity to do the job of a general manager, that is, someone who leads a multi-functional group (business, division, profit center, etc.) and is responsible for the strategic performance of that group. The cases and concepts of the workshop take the total business as the unit of analysis, and the general manager of the business as the key actor. The emphasis of the workshop is on the key general management tasks of: (a) Assessing the performance of a business and forecasting its prospects as it is currently being run, (b) Identifying the important opportunities and challenges facing a business and setting out a course of action for dealing with them, (c) Defining the capabilities essential for the development of a business and acting to build or acquire them, and (d) Implementing changes, as necessary, in the way that a business is being run.

In this class, we discuss two case studies that help us to practice the steps of strategic thinking. We will practice the following steps when applied to the case studies:

  1. What is the firm’s strategy?
    • Goals, product-market focus, value proposition, core activities
  2. Is the strategy working?
    • Performance: operating performance (financial, non-financial) and organizational health
    • Comparisons: over time and relative to industry
  3. Does the strategy make sense? (Forward looking)
    • Internal analysis: Resources that support the strategy
    • External analysis: Factors determining industry profitability, Key success factors needed to succeed, macro forces driving industry change
    • Fit between elements of the strategy- where is the tension?
    • Basis for sustainable competitive advantage
  4. If change is needed, how do I proceed?
    • Generate mutually exclusive alternatives
    • Choose an alternative and develop an action plan (Short-term and Long-term)


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Custom Management Package
Note: We can package any three of the one day workshops into an integrated 3-day workshop.


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