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Partner with Bauer Executive Education to provide your employees knowledge directly applicable to their needs and goals or provide a valuable customer access to an Executive Education class as added value for your customer relationships. A Corporate Partnership with Bauer Executive Education provides seats in our Open Enrollment classes at a reduced tuition. Through Corporate Partnerships, members or clients of your organization have the flexibility to attend convenient stand-alone sessions, or they can complete an entire Comprehensive Leadership Program.

Silver Partner = $12,100

10 credits* to be used within 12 months = 15% discount, plus:

Gold Partner = $23,000

20 credits* to be used within 12 months = 20% discount. Includes Silver Partner benefits, plus:

Platinum Partner = $37,300

35 credits* to be used within 12 months = 25% discount. Includes Silver and Gold Partner benefits, plus:

Diamond Partner = $50,000

50 credits* to be used within 12 months = 30% discount. Includes Silver, Gold and Platinum Partner benefits, plus:

* One credit is equal to attendance by one person to eight classroom hours or a one-day session. Credits can be used for any open enrollment or Comprehensive Leadership Program. To attend a three-day program would use 3 credits, a five-day program would use 5 credits.


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