Executive Education Faculty

JéAnna Abbott - Spec’s Charitable Foundation Professor in Social Responsibility

Ratan Bhagat - Lecturer in Decision & Information Sciences

Jamie Belinne - Assistant Dean for Career Services

Barbara Carlin - Clinical Assistant Professor in Management

Mary Dickerson - Executive Director for IT Security; Chief Information Security Officer, University of Houston and the University of Houston System

Liz Fletcher - Associate Professor in Decision and Information Sciences

Danny Gavin - Lecturer in Marketing

Mark Harrington - Partner and Senior Energy Advisor, Tatum

Steve Koch - Assistant Dean, Graduate and Professional Programs

Alan Lish - Clinical Professor in Marketing

Eric Marin - Client Services Partner, Tatum

Michael Newman - Clinical Professor, Director of Accounting Programs

Vanessa Patrick - Professor of Marketing, Director of Doctoral Programs

Dusya Vera - Associate Professor in Management

Marina Sebastijanovic - Clinical Assistant Professor in Management

Amy Vandaveer - Clinical Assistant Professor in Marketing

Randy Webb - Executive Professor in Marketing; Executive Director, Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute

Steve Werner - Professor of Management; Chair, Management Department

Alan Witt - Professor of Management and Psychology

William J. Zahn - Clinical Professor in Marketing


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