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About the GMAT Exam

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The GMAT exam is a highly reliable predictor of student performance, as well as the most powerful tool available to graduate management admissions professionals for measuring the skills students need to succeed in today’s classroom. Available in 114 countries with testing in over 600 test centers around the world, the GMAT exam gives you a valid prediction of a student's likely academic performance. The GMAT measures analytical writing and problem solving abilities, and addresses data sufficiency, logic and critical reasoning—all essential skills in business and management.**

More than 6,000 programs offered by more than 2,100 universities and institutions in 114 countries use the GMAT exam as part of the selection criteria for their programs.**

Structure of the Exam:
GMAT Test Section # of Questions Question Types Timing
Analytical Writing Assessment 1 Topic Analysis of Argument 30 Minutes
Integrated Reasoning 12 Questions Multi-Source Reasoning Graphics Interpretation Two-Part Analysis Table Analysis 30 Minutes
Quantitative 37 Questions Data Sufficiency Problem Solving 75 Minutes
Verbal 41 Questions Reading Comprehension Critical Reasoning Sentence Correction 75 Minutes
Total Exam Time 3hrs, 30 minutes
Why is the GMAT important?

The GMAT® exam offers admissions professionals a consistent, objective measure of skills for all applicants. The exam is administered under standard conditions around the world, with high security, to ensure that scores are comparable across all applicants, regardless of their country of origin, present location, and other factors.**

Why is preparing for the GMAT important?

The GMAT exam may seem intimidating at first, but it’s really just a test of the skills that have been learned over time. Understanding the format, practicing sample questions, and reviewing one section at a time will help testers arrive fully prepared on the day of the exam.

At the University of Houston’s C. T. Bauer College of Business, we want only the best for our applicants and students. By providing an option for test preparation, we can help applicants demystify the GMAT and become successful MBA students at the Bauer College of Business. Bauer’s preparation provides an onsite, fully comprehensive GMAT prep option that allows students to learn how to overcome the obstacles of the GMAT by mastering the following areas:

  • Content
  • Critical Thinking
  • Crisis Prevention
  • Computer-Based Practice

All of this is provided as one of Houston’s most affordable instructor-led, fully comprehensive GMAT prep options. All classes take place at the University of Houston – main campus.

Who Needs to Take the GMAT?

Students who are interested in applying to the Bauer MBA program should take the GMAT. Consider these five reasons to choose the GMAT exam as your best first step towards a career with impact. **

  • The GMAT exam measures the skills you have and the skills schools need. The GMAT exam's unique Integrated Reasoning section lets you differentiate your skills in a way that the GRE, CAT, GRK and other individual school exams cannot.
  • The GMAT exam is available when you’re ready to take it. Testing is available around the world in state-of-the-art facilities designed to provide an unparalleled test-taking experience so that you can perform your best.
  • The GMAT exam was created by the only global non-profit council of business schools. For more than 60 years, the GMAT exam, administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the global non-profit council of the world’s leading business schools, has been the path taken by business leaders to get into business schools worldwide. No other exam addresses the unique demands of graduate management education quite like GMAC.
  • The GMAT exam is relied on more by graduate business schools worldwide. The GMAT exam works – for you and them – and is accepted by more graduate management programs and schools than the GRE, CAT, GRK, and any other individual school exams.
  • Business schools trust the GMAT exam. For decades, the GMAT exam has set the standard for its ability to predict your success in the classroom. In fact, decades of research confirm that the GMAT exam is a valid and reliable predictor of your academic performance in today’s graduate management programs.

** Information is provided by GMAC.