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Why Bauer?

The Bauer MS-Marketing program is a great choice with:

World-class Faculty

If you want cutting edge ideas, you’ll find them here.

Bauer faculty are among the world leaders in marketing scholarship. All of our academic marketing faculty have published in top journals in the past five years, and most of them sit on journal editorial boards that decide what gets published in the field.

Jessica Solis, MS Marketing Representative, Oil & Gas Sales, Caterpillar, Inc

Pursuing a graduate degree at Bauer allowed me to expand my horizons and learn from experienced peers and professors. I was able to gain and apply knowledge through hands on learning opportunities like real-world consulting. The freedom to explore new topics led me to discover new passions and the support provided helped me graduate with my dream job secured!

The American Marketing Association Doctoral Student Special Interest Group ranks Bauer 32nd in the world for publications in premiere marketing journals over the past five years, and 14th for publications in the prestigious Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Research, where we tie with UCLA, Yale, MIT, Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan. For details, see here and here.

Our faculty also includes executive professors and lecturers with extensive business experience. These instructors have had the job you want and know how to translate ideas into practice.

Read more about our faculty, publications and awards.

Prize-winning Programs

Our cutting-edge curriculum in digital marketing has made us consistent winners in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. GOMC is an international competition in which students create online marketing campaigns for real clients using Google AdWords and Google+. Over 100,000 students and professors from almost 100 countries have participated in the past eight years. Bauer has participated since 2010 with the following results: Global Semi-Finalist in 2010, Global Champion in 2011, Global Semi-Finalist in 2012, Champion for The Americas (North and South America) in 2013, and AdWords Social Impact Awards in 2014 and 2015.

Bauer is #1 for Selling. Our Sanchez Program for Excellence in Selling has extensive corporate support and our Stagner Sales Excellence Institute is a hub for sales research and education. Almost half of all articles related to selling and sales management in premiere marketing journals over the past five years were authored by Bauer faculty or doctoral alumni – far more than any other school. Bauer students have won the American Marketing Association award for best doctoral dissertation in selling and sales management in 6 of the past 9 years, including the last three years in a row.

The Princeton Review has ranked Bauer's undergraduate Entrepreneurship program among the top three in the nation since 2007, and Bauer students have won more awards than any other school in national business plan competitions in that time. These opportunities extend to our graduate students through programs such as 3 Day Startup, our RED Labs student business accelerator, Bayou Startup Showcase, Cougar Venture Fund, and extensive connections to Houston’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The first floor lobby of Melcher Hall was transformed into a celebratory party ― complete with the Spirit of Houston Cougar Marching Band ― as the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston announced to the campus community that The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur have ranked the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship as #1 on the 2020 list of Top 50 Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurship Studies.

Bradley Parker, MS Marketing. Team Lead at TopSpot Internet Marketing

The MS Marketing program at Bauer exceeded my expectations. The program offers a lot of course options so you can really tailor your experience to your career interests. They are taught by top tier professors who are familiar with their topic and most work in the field they teach, so I felt like I was learning from industry experts. I appreciated the opportunity to dig deep into specific topics like the ROI of digital ads, what defines luxury marketing, or the nuance of marketing a new product variation vs a new to the world product. If you are looking to build a career or move to the next level in marketing, I highly recommend Bauer.

This is just the start. We have faculty experts on marketing analytics, big data, customer relationship management, search engine marketing, social media marketing, selling luxury products, managing the customer experience, integrated marketing communications, and more. 

Customized curriculum

7.5 hours of the 36 hour MS-Marketing program is core foundation in Marketing, Accounting, and Analytics/Statistics. The rest is up to you.

Whether your interest is Digital Marketing, Analytics, Product Management, Sales Leadership, Entrepreneurship, or whatever, you will have enough electives to follow your interests and build deep knowledge in selected areas.

Learn more about our curriculum here.

Hands-on learning and connections to the business community

We are big believers in experiential learning, and we offer a variety of hands-on experiences that make learning fun and rewarding! Here are some examples:

Google Online Marketing Challenge: Teams of students create online marketing campaigns for real clients.

Business Consulting Lab: Teams of students conduct live consulting projects for real clients.

Learning Abroad: Students travel to Paris, the capitol of the world’s luxury brands to learn about international marketing and luxury brand marketing.

3 Day Startup: Students lay the foundations for a company in a weekend.

For three days in April, students from across the University of Houston campus unite at the C. T. Bauer College of Business to work on developing their very own tech startups at the University's third annual 3DS event.

RED Labs: A co-working space and startup accelerator where students take great technology ideas and grow them into scalable companies. Since 2013, 43 founders have launched 18 companies at RED Labs. Watch Bayou Startup Showcase, powered by RED Labs and Rice Owlspark.

Bayou Startup Showcase: Students from RED Labs pitch their businesses to a room full of potential investors and business partners.

The Bayou Startup Showcase is a celebration of entrepreneurship, the startup community of Houston, and the university accelerator programs that support them. Jointly hosted by Rice University's OwlSpark startup accelerator and the University of Houston's RED Labs startup accelerator, the Bayou Startup Showcase provides an opportunity for startup teams from both accelerator programs to showcase their businesses to the greater Houston community.

Cougar Venture Fund: Teams of students evaluate early-stage companies and make investment recommendations to a board of seasoned venture capitalists and angel investors. A great way for potential entrepreneurs to learn how their deals will be evaluated.