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Students can take the program full-time or part-time. The program requires 36 credit hours in total. Typically, the MS in Marketing program takes 1-2 years to finish. Three foundation courses and a professional project are required:

  • ACCT 6331 Financial Accounting
  • BZAN 6310 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions
  • MARK 6A61 Marketing Administration (1.5 credit hours)
  • MARK 7397 Practical Marketing Analysis

Students can choose from a wide variety of electives offered in the following areas:

Digital Marketing

From Amazon and eBay to Google, Facebook and Uber, the combination of wireless Internet and mobile devices have fundamentally changed the way we conduct businesses. How does one better understand and analyze a new business in this ever-changing world? Elective courses include:

  • MARK 7365 Intro to Digital Marketing
  • MARK 7332 Social Media Marketing
  • MARK 7333 Search Engine Marketing
  • MARK 7367 Digital Marketing Lab (Internet Marketing Projects)
  • MARK 7377 Customer Relationship Management & Database Marketing
Marketing Analytics

In today’s world of Big Data, companies face a new problem: how to interpret large, messy data and use it to direct business decisions. Elective courses include:

  • MARK 7362 Management of Marketing Information
  • MARK 7377 Customer Relationship Management
  • MARK 7333 Search Engine Marketing
  • MARK 7371 Pricing Strategy
  • BZAN 7320 Business Modeling
Selling & Sales Management

Companies around the world spend more on their sales forces than other forms of marketing, and an ability to sell and manage the selling function is especially crucial for business-to-business (B2B) marketers. Elective courses include:

Product Management

The ability to develop and manage products and brands is fundamental to marketing. Elective courses include:

  • MARK 7362 Management of Marketing Information
  • MARK 7376 Brand Management
  • MARK 7374 New Product Development
  • MARK 7370 Luxury Marketing (Study Abroad)
  • MARK 7369 International Marketing (Study Abroad)
  • MARK 7371 Pricing Strategy
  • MARK 7368 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MARK 7365 Intro to Digital Marketing
Entrepreneurship & Technology

Our Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship has been ranked in the top 3 in the nation by Princeton Review since 2007. Starting your own business is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of learning about business. Elective courses include:


Bauer is connected to Houston’s business community with opportunities for real-life consulting projects to build your skills and your resume. Courses with a consulting component include:

Class Schedule

Most elective courses are offered 6-9 p.m. one evening per week to accommodate working professionals.

Also, most elective courses are taught once a year, in Fall, Spring, or Summer. The following chart — subject to change — shows current scheduling by semester.

Fall Spring Summer
  • Marketing Research
  • Intro to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Strategic Selling
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Overview
  • Cougar Venture Fund
  • Business Consulting Lab
  • Books MBAs Should Read
  • CRM & Database Mktg
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Lab
  • Sales Leadership
  • Integrated Mktg Communications
  • Capital
  • Cougar Venture Fund
  • RED Labs Pre-Accelerator
  • Business Consulting Lab
  • Books MBAs Should Read
  • International Mktg
  • Luxury Branding
  • B2B/Energy Mktg
  • RED Labs Accelerator
  • Books MBAs Should Read