Bauer Honors

Student Experience: The Everette Gardner Mentorship Program/h2>
Rachel Kuruvila

Rachel Kuruvila

Bauer Honors Mentor, Fall 2018
BBA Accounting, Spring 2019

Q: Why did you become a mentor?

A: Because of how impactful my mentor was to me. The transition into college from high school can be scary, and having that support makes a GIANT difference. I wanted to help students by sharing my insight and experiences.

Q: What did you learn from your experience as a mentor?

A: How important mental health is for students. There were times when my mentees were really struggling with this and it had a significant impact on their academic performance. I also learned how to deal with different personality types. I had to find new and creative ways to keep people motivated to stay involved and active on campus, both socially and academically. The biggest learning curve for me was finding ways to motivate students.

Q: What was the most rewarding part of being a mentor?

A: Seeing how much my mentees grew. My mentees who were struggling with mental health and balancing their new classes transformed and ended up performing very well in the end. They really found their niche on campus and began thriving by finding and exploring new passions. Overall, it was seeing that huge transformation happen.

Verena Girgis

Verena Girgis

Bauer Honors Freshman
Pre-business major

Q: Tell us about your Bauer Honors mentor.

A: My Bauer Honors mentor was Kat Corrigan, a senior MIS student. She was always consistent with encouraging us, whether it was about getting involved within Bauer Honors or studying for our upcoming accounting midterm. She was so fun to talk to, very approachable and made me feel like someone was there to listen to me no matter what I had to say.

Q: What’s your favorite memory from your experience in the Bauer Honors Mentorship program?

A: It has to be cheering on the marathon runners when our mentor team volunteered at the Chevron Houston Marathon in January. I really enjoyed seeing the runners' faces change from tired to a bit happier when we handed them water at the end of the race.

Q: How did this program help you?

A: The Bauer Honors Mentorship program really allowed me to connect with my peers and instilled me with pride for the Bauer Honors program. Through this program I was able to make close friends while getting some of the best advice/guidance I could ask for during my first year of college. This program was instrumental in shaping me as an individual.