Master of Science in Finance (STEM)

Transfer Credit Guidelines

With approval, previously completed appropriate graduate course work of no more than nine semester credit hours that did not count toward a prior degree may be transferred as non-finance electives. Finance courses may not be transferred as electives. In some circumstances, foundation courses of no more than six semester credit hours may be waived.

The transfer of coursework is based on the following guidelines:

  • Courses for which transfer credit is requested must have grades of 'B' or higher and may not be more than five years old at the time of graduation from UH with the MS Finance degree.
  • The course work must be graduate-level and consistent with the advanced study of finance and business administration.
  • The academic department must approve the transfer request. Final authority for the approval of all transfer requests rests with the M.S. Finance advisor.
  • Requests for the transfer of courses taken prior to enrolling at UH should be made during the first semester of attendance as a graduate student in the Bauer College of Business. Waiver/transfer request forms are available in Insperity Classroom and Business Building (CBB) 424.
  • Transfer credit is not given for either professional experience or professional development courses.
Time Limitation

Students who have a degree plan of 36 semester hours or fewer must complete the degree program within five years. Any transferred course to be included in the MS Finance degree may not be more than five years old at the time of graduation from UH. Students who have a degree plan of more than 36 semester hours must complete the degree program within seven years; however, the last 36 semester hours must be completed within the five-year period preceding graduation.

Continuous Enrollment

Unless students petition for a leave of absence, they must maintain continuous enrollment during the fall and spring semesters. Students who are out of the program for more than one calendar year will be under the jurisdiction of the catalog in effect at the time of reentry.

Students who fail to maintain continuous enrollment for more than two calendar years must reapply for admission to the program and must meet admission requirements in effect at that time.

Effective Semester of Admission

Admission is granted for a specific semester. If students wish to postpone enrollment, they must secure approval from the graduate advisor. The first semester in which students, as graduate students, complete graduate-level work that applies toward a degree is the effective semester of admission.