Online Programs

Your Degree on Your Time

The undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the C. T. Bauer College of Business allow you to earn a degree on your time. Through these programs, you’ll experience our expert faculty and world-class curriculum, all on your own schedule.

Online BBA

The Online BBA degree is designed to give you the education you want, with the convenience and flexibility you need. Our fully online program offers five business-focused majors, with an experiential learning model taught by the same outstanding faculty as the in-person programs.

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Online Masters

Our new online Bauer College masters programs are tailored for maximum convenience, meaning you spend more time learning and living — and less time commuting.

Are Online Classes
Right For You?

The C. T. Bauer College of Business Office of Digital Learning offers best practices and resources for Bauer students and faculty on its new website. The University of Houston's website features a section specifically for students interested in online programs offered by all colleges. There, you'll find tips for online success, resources for current students, and a comprehensive list with descriptions of all 25 graduate online programs offered by the university.

With Great Freedom
Comes Great (Learning) Responsibility

Self-discipline, time management and communication skills are all keys to success when learning in a self-directed digital environment. Bauer College Department of Management Instructional Assistant Professor Ksenia Krylova offers more notes for online learning.

Notes on Online Learning

Self-Discipline and Time Management

An online class offers more freedom and is based on the concept of self-directed learning, so it is student’s responsibility to be self-motivated and disciplined and manage their time efficiently. This means that a student should be both willing and able to take responsibility for their own learning — both in terms of progress through the course materials and when the learning process occurs.

A typical 3-credit hours course requires 9-12 hours study time per week. This number may not reflect the actual amount of outside time that an individual student with a unique learning style will need to complete the course requirements. The number of hours each week will vary based on assignment due dates, so plan ahead to insure that you schedule your academic, work, and personal time effectively.

Do not assume that online class will be easier, it will take as much energy as a face-to-face class if not more.


Know your instructors and how to contact them. Reach out to your fellow students. Form study groups to better understand material.

The following 10 rules of respectful online communication (netiquette), from, are helpful to remember:

Active Learning

Be an active learner by engaging with the instructor, by seeking collaboration with other students, by seeking feedback and asking for help, by respecting diversity and connecting your knowledge to the real-world experience.

Ksenia Krylova, Ph.D., LL.M.