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Leanne Atwater joined the University of Houston in July 2008. Dr. Atwater earned her bachelor's and Master's degrees from San Diego State University and worked as a personnel research psychologist for the Navy Personnel Research and Development Center. She completed her Ph.D. in social/organizational psychology at Claremont Graduate School in 1985.

Dr. Atwater is excited about leading the department to become widely recognized as a center for excellence in leadership education and research, as well as one of the most highly regarded management departments in the country. The department has recently added a Minor in Leadership for business and non-business majors, as well as a Leadership Certificate for MBA students.

She is an active researcher with recent publications including a recent book entitled "Leadership, Feedback and the Open Communication Gap" co-written with David Waldman. She continues to pursue her love of research and has published articles in top journals on the topics of leadership, feedback processes and most recently counter-productive work behavior.

She teaches classes in leadership and organizational behavior at the undergraduate, MBA and executive MBA levels.

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B.A. - San Diego State University - Psychology
M.A. - San Diego State University - Psychology
Ph.D. - Claremont Graduate School - Social/Organizational Psychology