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Michael Parks

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Michael Parks


  • "The Evolution of Corporate IT Function and the Role of the CIO at Texaco - How do Perceptions of IT's Performance Get Formed?" (with R. Hirchheim and J. Porra), second round of revisions completed for Database, Vol.34/4, pp.8-27, November, 2002
  • "Sustaining Virtual Communities: Suggestions from the Colonial Model," with J. Porra, to revise and resubmit to Information Systems Research, December, 2002 (second round of revisions)
  • "The Historical Research Method and Its Application to the Corporate Information Technology Function at Texaco, Inc.," with R. Hirschheim and J. Porra, submitted to Information and Organizations, December 2002
  • "Forty Years of Corporate Information Systems at Texaco Inc. - A History," with R. Hirschheim and J. Porra, submitted to Information and Organizations, December, 2002
  • "Forty Years of Corporate Information Technology at Texaco Inc. - An Interpretation Using a Systems Theoretical Lens," with R. Hirschheim and J. Porra, submitted to MIS Quarterly, January 2003
  • "Incubating Foundations of Information Systems Issues in Creating an Electronic Journal", with James Courtney and Jaana Porra, Association for Information Systems 1997 Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • "The Electronic Commerce Course: An Early Version of Learning in the Networked World" with Blake Ives and George Weidmeyer, invited tutorial ICIS Conference 1995.
  • "Multimedia Transactions or Two Years Before the Multimedia Mast", keynote speech Multimedia Communications Forum, Austin, Texas, 1994.
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  • "Artificial Intelligence: Toward Operationality," Proceedings of the American Institute of Decision Sciences, 1973.
  • "A Heuristically Operative Model for Binary Decision Simulation," Proceedings of the American Institute of Decision Sciences, 1973.

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