Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute

Graduate Sales Leadership Program

Student Demographics
Course Track

Program for Excellence in Selling Certificate in Sales Leadership

The PES certificate in Sales Leadership will improve your effectiveness in selling yourself, your ideas, and your company’s goods and services. It also will improve your understanding of how to manage customer relationships, especially business-to-business relationships with strategic customers, and how to lead a sales force.

Key Skill Development
  • Leadership of Salespeople and Sales Teams
  • Effective CRM and SFA Technology Management
  • Selling in Complex Distribution Channels
  • Management of Customer Contact Personnel

The MBA Program is composed of students of varying ethnic and professional backgrounds, experiences, and ages.

A Unique & Diverse Organization
  • UH is the most culturally and ethnically diverse US university.
  • The majority of students are fully employed while pursuing their MBA.
  • The average student has 10 years of professional experience.
  • The average MBA student is 31 years of age.