Courses & Enrollment

Top 10 Reasons Students Can't Enroll in Undergraduate Business Classes (click for more information):

  • The Class is full

    Students are able to tell if a class is full by either a green circle (open) or red square (closed) indicated by the course in the course schedule. Advisors are not able to put students into closed sections. The best option for students is to check the class schedule frequently to see if a space becomes available.

  • Course Prerequisites

    When registering for a course that has a specific course prerequisite, a student must have completed the prerequisite course or currently be enrollled in the prerequisite course at UH during the time of registration. Please see below for examples and requirements for transfer work. Also, 'under prerequisites for' on this page will link to specific course prerequisites for all business classes in each department.

  • Not in a Mixed Program

    Students may only enroll in 3000 level business courses without a degree plan on file or are in their 1st semester transition, known as a BBA Mixed Program. For students to progress within the BBA degree plan, they must complete CORE and Pre-business classes and achieve a minimum GPA of a 2.5 on at least 12 UH credit hours. We allow a transition phase, called a BBA Mixed Program, for students to complete these requirements while taking 3000 level business courses. In order to get into the BBA Mixed Program, students need to meet with a pre-business advisor. Or if requirements are met, students may file a degree plan to enroll in additional 3-4000 level business classes.

  • No Degree Plan on File

    Students may not take any 4000 level business courses without a degree plan on file.

  • Non-business/postbac/graduate

    Non-business majors may not take 3000-4000 level business courses except for designated classes open to non-business majors, or courses needed for a declared minor or business-related programs. Postbaccalaureate students may not major in business, but may take courses open to non-business majors or as part of a business minor. Graduate students may not enroll in undergraduate business courses or sections. For more options, please visit the post bac information page.

  • Time Conflict

    The class schedule will not allow students to enroll in two sections that begin at the same time. Please double check when the courses are offered to ensure the class is not being held at the same time or overlap at any time.

  • 2.0 GPA Requirement

    A minimum UH GPA of a 2.0 is required in order to enroll in 3000 of 4000 level business courses.

  • Honors Section

    Sections that have an honors college designation only allows Honor's College members to enroll. There are few honor's sections that a student must ask for permission. Please visit the Bauer Honor's College website for additional information.

  • Needs Instructor consent

    Some courses require an instructor approval to enroll into the course. Please view the course requirements by clicking on the section of the course in the class schedule and contact the instructor/department for approval.

  • Hold on record

    A hold, or negative service indicator (NSI), may prevent enrollment. In order to view an NSI, please check myUH under student self service. By clicking on the icon, a student will be informed on what department to go to resolve the hold.

Mixed Program Requirements and Degree Plan Filing

  • Pre-Business majors should first enroll in any remaining CORE and Pre-business courses in order to file a degree plan. (Example: Joe Cougar has completed all CORE and Pre-business core classes with the exception of ACCT 2302. Joe needs to enroll in ACCT 2302 before filing a degree plan.)
  • Pre-business majors are allowed to be in a transitional phase (called BBA Mixed Program) to take 3000 level business courses without having a degree plan on file. This includes all 3000 level business courses (with W's, I's, F's, and passing grades) and courses transferred.  (Example: Joe Cougar will enroll in Math 1313 and HIST 1377 next semester. These are the only courses he needs to file a degree plan. He may enroll in 3000 level business courses in order to be a full-time student, as long as he will meet degree plan filing requirements by the end of that semester).
  • Once a degree plan has been filed, students are able to take all additional 3000 - 4000 business courses required for graduation. For specific course selection , please consult your major specific advisor.

Business Minors

  • Students who have declared a minor in Business or are part of an approved specialty program can enroll in courses needed for their minor or specialty program (including 3000 & 4000 level business courses). Please see the Business Minor page for details.

How do course prerequisites work?

  • When registering for a course that has a specific course prerequisite, a student must have completed the prerequisite course or currently be enrollled in the prerequisite course at UH during the time of registration. (Example: Joe Cougar is taking ACCT 2301 at UH in the Fall and is able to register for ACCT 2302 for the Spring semester during his registration time).
  • A prerequisite course must be completed with a passing grade (D- or higher, unless a specific grade is noted such as pre-business courses & ACCT 3367) prior to the start of the course.
  • Prerequisites completed at another University (transfer work) must be evaluated and updated in the UH Peoplesoft system. (Example: Joe Cougar is enrolled in ACCT 2301 at HCC in the Fall and would not be able to enroll in ACCT 2302 at UH for the Spring until transfer credit is posted to his PeopleSoft account).
  • Concurrent enrollment means to take a course and it's prerequisite in the same semester.
  • Students must meet with their academic advisor if they fall into either of these categories:
    • they do not pass the course with the appropriate grade (Example: Joe Cougar received an F, W, or I in ACCT 2301 and is enrolled in ACCT 2302)
    • their UH cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0.

When can I register?

  • Please refer to your enrollment appointment on myUH .

How many times can I repeat a course?

  • 3000-4000 level business courses may be repeated no more than 3 times (including W's, I's, F's and passing grades). After your third attempt, you must get approval from your advisor by petition.


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