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Peer Mentors

All of our Mentors are alumni of ELASP and are excited to support your transition.

Our mentors organize numerous small group activities designed to help new students get connected, make friends, and learn the ins and outs of Bauer.

Your peer mentor is here to help you:

  • Meet new people
  • Get you connected to campus activities, clubs and organizations
  • Help you to navigate the UH campus
  • Learn strategies for being successful in your classes (ex. how to interact with your professors, organize study groups, etc.)
  • Learn about and use academic and personal support resources at the university; such as the Writing Center, Learning Support Services, and the Health Center

Spring 2023 ELASP for Transfers

Meet the Peer Mentors


Class of 2023
Brian Martinez

I love the opportunities that ELASP gives to transfer students. ELASP is very helpful for transfer students in becoming more involved with school events and student workshops. ELASP prepares students to be better business students and are more marketable when seeking internships. I loved the connections I made in ELASP and the opportunities that were available through the program.


Class of 2024
Jeanie Nguyen

ELASP was about to help me adjust to the new college experience as a new transfer student, as it can be very intimidating coming to a new school through my peer mentor always being there for me and valuable information that I was able to learn at the different workshops throughout the semester. ELASP also introduce me to many different orgs on campus that were able to help me break out of my shell and grow both professionally and personally.


Class of 2023
Lauren Nguyen

Going into UH as a transfer worried me because I was stepping into a new environment. Joining ELASP helped with the transition because of their welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. I learned more about the resources UH provides through the workshops that ELASP held. Not to mention the lasting bonds I've formed with my mentor and others when I was a mentee myself.


Class of 2024
Miah Tran

I love that ELASP gave me an easy transition into university as well as pushed me out of my comfort zone to attend events and meet new people. ELASP is also how I met some of my best friends and learned how to better prepare and present myself for the future.