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Supply Chain Management

Course Sequence

The supply chain management curriculum requires three semesters to complete after successful completion of SCM 3301 with a C+ or higher and STAT 3331 with a C or higher. Due to pre-requisite requirements it is not possible to complete the curriculum in a shorter period of time. Typical course sequence is as follows:

Semester Course
Prerequisite SCM 3301 - Supply Chain Management Fundamentals (Requires a C+ or better)
STAT 3331 - Statistical Analysis for Business Applications (Requires a C or better)
1 SCM 4301 - Logistics Management
SCM 4330 - Business Modeling and Decision Analysis
SCM 4350 - Strategic Supply Management
2 SCM 4362 - Demand and Supply Integration
SCM 4367 - Process and Quality Management
SCM - Certificate Elective I
3 SCM 4390 - Capstone Experience: Supply Chain Strategy
SCM - Certificate Elective II

It is strongly suggested that students complete two or more internships during their program. Many of our most successful students complete several Supply Chain Management internships prior to graduation.

Interested in also earning an Advanced Master’s Degree?

Consider applying for our Accelerated Pathways Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management

Take 6 additional hours of Graduate SCM Courses as a Senior and earn the MS-SCM within 12 months of graduation.